Saturday, December 11, 2004

Dough, rey, me.... 

Can I just say...how much...I LOVE MY KITCHEN AID MIXER??? It's beautiful. And wonderful. And marvelous. I think I may have called out "oh god...yes....Kitchen Aid!!!!" last night in bed. I'm not sure. But Kev was definately upset about something!!

haha. that was a joke. I really called out "cuisinart!!!"

Last night I made two different cookie doughs. Two. In the same night. And I didn't even break a sweat.

The first was a relatively easy dough - Alton Brown's chocolate mint pinwheel cookies. I saw him make them on the show, and couldn't get them out of my head. Mmmm...crushed candy canes and chocolate. the dough was easy, the rolling out of the two separate doughs, and then rolling them into a log was the tricky part.

Then...the ultimate cookie challenge: the infamous web hoax but still delicious Neiman Marcus Chocolate chip cookies. This is the thickest cookie dough ever, and I only make a half a batch. I make it almost every year, and I've had to use a handmixer, then switch to hand mixing with my toughest wooden spoon. Even when I still lived at home, when my mom still had her old stainless steel and chrome stand mixer, the old motor had trouble with this dough.

Not my Kitchen Aid. It ATE THAT DOUGH UP! It was beautiful to behold. How thick is the dough? I stopped the mixer at one point to use my silicone spatula to push down the dough stuck on the sides of the bowl, and my spatula SNAPPED IN HALF! Oh...my spatula! Oh well, guess I'll have to make a trip to target!

OK, enough bragging about my mixer. Now I have two yummy cookie doughs in my fridge, waiting to be sliced or scooped and baked whenever I need them. Hooray!

Why I will make a good mother: I made hot chocolate this morning, and as I topped it with whipped cream, I noticed that Sadie, who had been VERY interested in what I was doing, turned tail and ran when I SHOOSHED the whipped cream. Scairdy dog. So I called her over, forced her to sit down, held her head up, and SHOOSHED whip cream on her nose. She quickly licked it off, and then ran away. Doggy torture is fun!

Kev is working today (BOOOOO!) and tomorrow (BOOOOO!) so I will be putting up the christmas decorations that I've been too sick to bother with all week. I'll take pics, too. Somewhere around here, I have little antlers to put on Sadie. Someone call the human society, I'm about to be UNBELIEVABLY cruel to poor little Sadiegirl.

Now I think I'll go chase her around the condo with whipped cream for a little while.