Sunday, November 21, 2004

Weekenders - **UPDATED** 

Somewhat of a productive weekend, surprisingly enough. Saturday Kevin went into to work (after sleeping in because I kept snuggling up against him, and really, how do you leave a warm bed with someone to snuggle with on a saturday? you just don't.) So I had most of the day to FINALLY get all my summer clothes pack up and the winter clothes put away. Weather be damned...if there's a warm snap, I'm wearing my turtlenecks! I also finally got the Halloween stuff put away. It was getting embarassing... Now Kev can take the Halloween boxes back to storage...and get the Christmas decorations out! Hooray!

I'm soooo not ready for Christmas...why? Why am I not ready? Because it is just now getting to be peak fall foilage here in Atlanta. Now. It's, what, Nov 21? Ridiculous. How can I feel all Christmassy when it's warm and yellowish orange outside? Not that I mind the pretty fall leaves. I'm surprised I haven't run into anyone in my car, because as I'm driving, I'm constantly thinking "oooo...look at THAT one!!!" and staring at the trees instead of paying attention to where I'm going. I love those bright maple trees that go from yellow to orange to red on the same tree, so that it looks like it's on fire. LOVELY!

Had time before Kev got home to run to work and then take Sadie to the dog park. The picture site has been appropriately updated. I wanted to show this pic, though, that I took as we were leaving for the park. A corner piece of decking had cracked an broken off, making a hole in the entrance way to my section of the condos. It made a small hole that was easily avoided. Some genius, however, decided to take matters into their own hands, and screwed a patch over it.

It's hard to see from the pic, but the patch sticks up above the decking about 3/4 inch. Making me MORE LIKELY TO TRIP over the stupid thing when walking in. Even Sadie thought it was ridiculous.

Later, after Kev got home, we went out to eat...DATE NIGHT! And then to Target...SHOPPING!!! What a great weekend!


As per Jamie's suggestion:

the board was wet, so it was difficult to write on. it says "please don't trip on this stupid thing"