Sunday, November 28, 2004

Thanksgiving in Dixie 

We didn't arrive at Kevin's mom's house until after midnight, local time, (after 1am, atlanta time), almost an hour later than planned because of a bad plan by Kev's mom to send us around a damaged bridge. The new route was wrong, and we had to backtrack and go the original way, which didn't include a damaged bridge anyway, so the whole hour detour had been pointless anyway. Kev was not in a good mood.

We got up around 8 on turkey day. I wanted to watch the pre-parade excitement on the today show. So there was much laying around in PJs for the next few hours. We got dressed and headed over to Kev's sister a little after noon. We brought the pumpkin cheesecake and chocolate sauce I had made that had miraculously survived the trip in the trunk from Atlanta. Dinner was at 1, and did not include squirrel or possum or any other small woodland creatures not normally found on a thankgiving table. Kev's sister doesn't really cook, so the turkey was smoked one bought from a school fundraiser. There was giblet gravy (strained, thank God) and cornbread dressing from the local PigglyWiggly. HAHA! Anyone who's ever been to the southeast coast knows PigglyWiggly. What a fun word to say. Say it with me a few times. PIGGLYWIGGLY! PIGGLYWIGGLY! Yeah...good times. Anyway, I am now SICK TO DEATH OF PIGGLYWIGGLY CORNBREAD DRESSING! I missed regular stuffing. With bread cubes, and sage, and maybe sausage. Not the soggy mush crap PigglyWiggly puts out. But there was enough to enjoy that was NOT PigglyWiggly dressing, like ham, and mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes, and corn salad. mmmmmm. Then the pumpkin cheesecake with hot chocolate sauce was brought out. I figured that everyone would enjoy it, but was completely unprepared for the orgasms of joy from Kevin's family. Apparently, they don't get much homemade goodies. I have decided that I will always come to Alabama bearing a cheesecake of some sort. I like being worshipped as the goddess of all things cheesecake.

After dinner, we decided to take a walk down the road to work off some of the food. I got some nice pics, which I will post on the picture site.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around, eating, and watching...well...not football. And not that I'm a big lions fan, or anything, but the day just seemed...off, with football not on. Instead we watched the Everybody Loves Raymond marathon on TBS.

As a VERY nice surprise, later that evening, Kev's nephew and I were presented with a joint birthday cake (mine is next sunday, his is the following monday) and presents. I got a vanilla scented candle and a cute cotton nightgown. It was really great, considering that I usually celebrate my birthday with my family over thanksgiving, and I wasn't going to see them until Christmas this year.

After too much cake and food, Kevin turned his attention to scouring the newpaper ads for sales the next day. Now, I usually go shopping with my mom on Black Friday. But she goes around 7am, and comes home to get me around 10. But nooooooo. Kev wants to get to Best Buy when the store opens. At 6am. Have I mentioned that we were an hour away from where the stores are? Have I mentioned that Kev wasn't kidding?

We woke up at 4:15am. Let me repeat that. 4 FUCKING 15 FUCKING AM!!!!! Then, when we get to Best Buy at 6, the line was already around the corner, and Kev decides to forget it, the things he wanted to get would probably be gone. GAH! So we started at Target. The line was again, HUGE! I took advantage of some stealth photo tips from Sloth and got some good pics of crazed shoppers.

The line at target

The back of the line!

Even Santa shops at target! Ugliest elf in the world behind him, though.

The toy section was NUTS!

The end of the checkout line.

Afterwards, we decided to brave Best Buy. The ONLY thing I wanted from there was Barenaked for the Holidays. And I had to use the bathroom. But the stooopid employees had the store divided up to guide the lines for the checkout, which wound all the way through the store. To get to the bathroom, I couldn’t just walk to the bathroom. Oh no. I had to fight and wind my way through the whole checkout line. And after asking a few employees for the CD I wanted, it turned out that they were on the other side of some carts that were being used to, yes, divide the store into checkout lines. And to get to the OTHER side of the carts, I had to AGAIN, wind my way through the checkout line. I was ready to KILL someone! Plus the bowl of cereal I ate at 4:30am had quickly worn off. We waiting for over an hour in the checkout line, which would have been the end of me, except for the entertaining guys in the computer department, who were trying to unload stock by holding up items and yelling out, carny style, extreme discount prices. “I’ve got a surge protector here! Normally $30, you can have it for $20!” and someone in line would yell out “how about $15?” “SOLD!!!” It was all entertaining. I was content to just watch, until they brought out the mp3 players. A 512mb player for $99!!! I could NOT PASS THAT UP! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEE!

After that ordeal, we went to Chick fil A for chicken biscuits – buy one get one free coupon! But they were out of biscuits, so we got sandwiches instead.

We didn’t have much time to rest when we got home. A quick snack, then off to Kev’s sisters. We all piled into the minivan and drove to Tupelo to see the Spongebob Squarepants movie, MUCH to Kevin’s enjoyment. (sarcasm!) I thought it was cute, but he was falling asleep. That is, until I reached under the coat he had on his lap, unzipped his pants, and started stroking him off. Then the movie became MUCH more enjoyable for him. Managed to get him to cum, which was NOT an easy feat with his whole family sitting on the other side of us! I AM GOING TO HELL FOR STROKING OFF MY BOYFRIEND WHILE WATCHING SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS WITH HIS FAMILY!!!! AND I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S PATOOTY!

We left on Saturday after lunch for the long drive back. Today we haven’t done much but sleep, and that’s FINE with me! I’m exhausted. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! Or a great weekend, for those for’ner commies! Bwaha!