Sunday, November 07, 2004

sweet weekend nothings 

Friday, after my plans fell through, Kevin and I decided to just play it casual and have a simple meal at our favorite local hangout: The Spiced Dog. It's this cool little bar and grill run by a very nice woman with long red hair who's name I feel badly about not knowing. There's only a few tables, but the clientele is loyal, and the food is GOOOOD! Very unhealthy and greasy: perfect for friday night noshing. We tried their homemade potato chips for the first time. OH MY GOD THEY SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!! Yeah, they were that good.

They have coupons online that are buy one combo, get one free. This is a great deal, but Kev and I often feel guilty about taking advantage of it. We really don't want her to go out of business. But we either use the coupons, or don't eat there at all. So there you go. We're coupon whores, but it's the only way we can eat out as much as we do.

Saturday we drove up north to suburbia to see "the incredibles." I don't know why the movie got panned in reviews. We both really liked it. But maybe not appropriate for littles ones who might be frightened by scenes of bad guys chasing kids in hovercraft that look like razor blade frisbees.

We also went to Fryes. Imagine a building the size of wal-mart, filled with nothing but electronics, computers, cds/dvds, and major appliances. Yeah. It was a geek paradise. Kev bought YET ANOTHER tower for the computer he's slowly building. he'll take the other two he bought a compUSA back, because the NEW one has a better power supply! see? and there's a mail in rebate! it's such a great deal! yeah...whatever sweetie. The hazards of loving a geek. I myself bought a new USB flash drive (only $25 after $10 mail in rebate!). My old one, a mere 64mb, is already full. The new one is 256mb...tremble before my fledgling geek powers!

We wandered around the mall a bit, where I saw various proofs of the end of the world. Punk ass kids, little girls in slutty mini-skirts, sullen teenagers, little children throwing temper tantrums, mothers with too many kids running around screaming, too many christmas decorations....ugh. I hate malls. We didn't stay long.

Since we'd already made a date day of it (and because we had a coupon) we had a nice early dinner at the Bridgetown grill for some funky carribean food. MMmmmmmm...jerk chicken pasta.

later that night, Kevin showed me his raging burrito, and then ate out at the Y.


sorry, this post was getting waaaay too boring. See? there's a good reason not to post much on weekends! they're boring! and usually about food. For instance, I'm currently sitting on the couch in my comfy knit slouchy clothes, and Kevin is making me chili. Mmmmm...chili! Hopefully, I'll have something more more interesting to post about tomorrow. Hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend!