Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sweet Home Alabama 

This will most likely be my last post until next week. Today we brave the storms, tornado warnings, and crazed families in minivans, to drive out to Kevin's mom's house in Alabama. Where in Alabama? You've never heard of it. Trust me. People who LIVE in Alabama have never heard of it. I like to call it "outer BFE."

I haven't left for work yet, because it's horizontal raining outside. I don't leave shelter if it's horizontal raining. Also, I no longer have a functioning umbrella. I've spent the past few days very wet, and NOT in a good way. I think the rain is supposed to be gone by tomorrow...and it will be cold...somewhat.

I will take plenty of pictures...of things other than my socks, I promise. It's funny, but I figured I'd be booo'ed out of blogville for another sock picture, but sock pictures and blow jobs seem to be my most popular posts. Next time, I'll post pictures of people giving blowjobs wearing nothing but toesy socks!

maybe not.

So happy thanksgiving to all the American bloggers. And if you're one of them for'ners who read my blog...happy late november, commie!

Hehe...I'm just kidding of course. I appreciate all the lovely people from all over the world who read my blog, even if they are anti-thanksgiving communist hippies.

I should really drink my coffee now...the caffeine-deprivation is messing with my brain