Friday, November 05, 2004

stream of conciousness friday bits 

On the drive home from the lab today, "mary moon" came on the radio. Remember that song? I haven't heard it in YEARS! God, that was such a dirty, risque song when I was in college.

"she don't eat meat but she sure likes the bone!"

Talked to my mom yesterday. She informed me that I was still a registered voter in PA. I could have voted twice! Wouldn't have made a difference, but still. Then I realized that there's probably a lot of people who are registered in two different states, and really DID vote twice. Scary.

Grandpa is now in the assisted living center that's not too far away from where my parents live. He was livid when he figured out what was going on, and didn't speak to my mom the whole time. Then she had lunch with him on tuesday, and he was fine. Either he had forgiven her, or he had forgotten that he was mad. Either way, it's good for my mom. She's having a lot of guilt right now. He must be making friends, because when they were eating, one of the employees called out to him "hey Vito! We're taking everyone to Armstrongs for lunch tomorrow. Wanna go?" "whatever the gang is doing!" HAHA! "the gang." So things seem to be working out fine after all.

Pup blew me off for dinner tonight. Well, not really blew me off, but he called and said he had to babysit for his sister earlier than he had thought. So no raging burritoes tonight. Actually, I still may go with Kevin. It can be our "date night." Please insert joke here involving me, Kevin, and a raging burrito.

I'm munching on Kroger brand buttery flavored braided pretzel twists, and they are so damned good I can't stop eating them. They're only 2 grams of fat per serving. I haven't actually checked to see what a serving constitutes, but I'm pretty sure it's not half the bag. Oh well...

No plans this weekend. Hoooooray! I can at least put the halloween decorations away. Maybe make some pumpkin bread. And of course, sleeeeeeep.