Thursday, November 18, 2004

Random acts of digital photography 

Feeling industrious, I updated the recipe site with my crock pot beef stew instructions. As for most of my recipes, a retarded ass monkey could make this recipe, so try it out if you have a crock pot.

I apologize if any of you reading this actually are a retarded ass monkey, or if you're married to one, or related to one. I didn't mean to offend any retarded ass monkeys out there. It's just that comments over at Lovisa's site disintegrated rapidly into ass monkey immature goodness, and I've got ass monkeys on the brain.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some random pictures.

Did I ever tell you that I made a pot rack? I made it out of galvanized steel pipes. Cheap, but I had to take it back to Home Depot, like, 5 times, just to get the length of the long pipe juuuust right.

Along with beef stew, I'm making baked brie, since they were buy one get one free at Kroger last week. This is the brie, pre-baked, in my special brie-baking bowl. Do you have a special brie-baking bowl? No? HA HA! I got it at the Decatur Arts Festival last summer. Kevin bought it for me :) If you want one, remind me in May, and I'll pick you up one. I think it was around...$20?