Saturday, November 13, 2004


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I posted a news story about this a while back. My grandmother keeps me apprised of what's happening, as she is a member at Kurt's parent's church. Her last note included a clip from the church bulletin, that had the website on it, and that they had been on Oprah. It's official, I went to high school with the most fertile man in America (at the moment)

What makes the quads so interesting is that they are two pairs of identical twins. Apparently, that's extremely rare. How rare? Well, rare enough to get on Oprah. And that's pretty damn rare. Also, apparently Geanna, the mom, had only one functioning ovary, and had been told that pregnancy would near impossible. So five kids later...hehe...science didn't stand a chance against Kurt's super potent sperm. ew. I just grossed myself out.

The weird thing is that Kurt doesn't look any different than he did in high school! I REMEMBER that guy! We both did theater. He always got the second male lead, because Bill was tall and cute and just looked like a leading man. Kurt was talented, though a little on the over dramatic side (sorry Kurt - but you always did the same dramatic fists clenched gesture...for every character! it was funny. at the time.). I could relate, because I only ever got to play old fat ladies. Hooray for me.

It's hard for me to take my memory of Kurt the over dramatic theater guy (who had a relationship with our director after graduation...she was probably in her mid-20s. it was still gross for us. Ewwwwww! Kurt and Amy!!!! hehe..), and combine that with Kurt the Family man, father of 5.

Everyone around me is growing up. They have real jobs and have started real families ("real" meaning that they have children that don't walk on four legs, have fur, and play dead for biscuits) and are just REAL GROWNUPS.

I am not a real grown up. I am not ready to be a real grown up.

Am I?

These thoughts are too deep for a weekend.

Kevin and I slept till noon, and then hung out in our pjs for most of the day doing NOTHING! Then we went out to eat at Surin Noodle Bowl (yeah...we had a coupon). Mmmmm...spicey thai noodles. Think Kev was a little disapointed in his rice bowl. According to the menu, his was supposed to have a rating of 3 spicey peppers ("thai spicey!") while my noodle bowl was only supposed to have 2 ("spicey!"). Mine was hotter. Haha! Oh well. I am loving thai food. I can happily stuff my face with any mixture of meat and veggies in a red curry coconut sauce.

Then we rented Hell Boy. It was....welllll...it was a movie. Every time I saw Hellboy on the screen, I kept thinking "hey! Vincent! from Beauty and the Beast! you're OLD!"

Tomorrow I have a baby shower to go to. MORE BABIES!!! OH MY GOD DOES IT EVER END??? NO IT DOESN'T!!!

I need a drink.