Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Early birthday fun 

The turkey soup was WONDERFUL! I fixed some tiny star shaped pasta noodles to go in the hot soup, and we ate it with fresh crusty italian bread. I kept the rest of the stock on the stove for a few more hours before straining and cooling it. This morning when I took the pot out of the fridge, it was nice and gelatiny - perfect stock. I'll freeze the rest of it and use it for risottos, soups, and sauces. mmmmm!

I finally played around with my new mp3 player last night. Took me a little while to figure out how to use windows media player to move songs on to it, but soon I was happily copying CD's and moving them to the player.

I'm embarassed to say that the most difficult part of setting up the mp3 players was figuring out exactly what all the tiny accessories did and how they fit together. There's an armband, a sleeve, 2 different headphones, a headphone braket, a belt clip, 2 different sized screws, 2 cables, and a USB adaptor. Ack! Which goes with what! After about 20 minutes of messing around, I finally got the "around the neck" headphones combined with the bracket and wore the player like a necklace, bopping around the condo to my own personal soundtrack while Kevin called me a nut.

Took it to work today, as I had much to do, and the people in the lab are grumpy and not much for conversation these days. I found out that the cute little headphones were created by someone with anatomically incorrect shaped ears. They are round, and are supposed to fit inside the ear. The inside of my ears are not round. The stupid round ear-bud headphones HURT after a while! Not so much while I had them in, but pulling them out to talk to someone made me cringe. Maybe I'm wearing them wrong. Maybe they go in your nose?

I really like the BNL christmas CD. If you DON'T like BNL (what are you, a nazi?), then you WON'T like it, but if you are a fan, it's what you would expect from the boys from Canada. They give their own twist and sense of humor to the classics, and add a few originals. My favorite it about a disgruntled elf. There's also a few Hannukah-Channuka-Hakjjunaakdjea songs on there, as well. (did I spell that right?)

My birthday present from my mom and dad came today. Yay! I love early presents!!! I had mom send it to work, so they'll deliver it and not leave a note saying I have to go pick it up from the post office. She warned that it would be heavy. I thought...stereo? I had mentioned mine was broken.

Nope! I got a heavy duty kitchen aid stand mixer!!! you are all jealous. well, at least those of you that cook are. I have wanted one of these things for YEARS! They're pretty expensive. I figured it would be the first item on my wedding registry (when that day came). Never thought I would get it for something so mundane as my birthday!

I wonder if there's a gene that gets activated in mothers when their kids leave home that compels them to clip articles and comics from the paper and send them to their daughters. My mom clipped this column from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, which I finally found on the web for free from the Detroit Free Press, so I could post the link here. It's pretty interesting and makes the point I've been trying to make for a good long time: Jesus wasn't a republican. And not all christians are, either.