Wednesday, November 17, 2004

ask not for whom the job blows. it blows for thee. 

So I was talking to someone yesterday, and somehow, the subject of blowjobs came up. (why do most of my conversations end up dirty? I'm such a perve) He mentioned that he wasn't a big fan of recieving a blowjob.

I'll repeat that, in case you missed it.

he. doesn't. like. blowjobs.


His reasoning was that enjoying one was mostly a mental thing, a "whoa, she's sucking me off! cool!" kind of thing. And that it could get boring, as the recipient is just laying there, and can't really "reach" anything to entertain himself during the process.

None of you know this person, but I'm going to protect his identity anyway, as I don't want him to get kicked out of the man club. And no, it's not Kevin. Kevin would institute an "all blowjobs, all the time" rule if he could.

I never knew another guy who didn't love blowjobs. Now, it's not like I take an extensive poll among my guy friends. "hey, vic! How's married life treating you? yeah...that's great. so anyway...do you like blowjobs?" It's mostly something I've assumed. And also something my vast experience with sexual partners (3) has taught me. (sarcasm!)

So since I'm not about to start calling all the guys I know, and since my blog's evil rating (from Julie's site) was depressingly low (25% - wtf????), I am throwing the question out to blogland: If you're a guy, do you like blowjobs, or can you live without them. If you a girl: ever date a guy who wasn't a fan?