Wednesday, October 13, 2004

yeah, I'm just that cool 

My laptop is returned! new and improved! with all kinds of fun adobe programs on it that I don't even know what to do with! MD kicks ass.

I had a very difficult decision to make today. It is overcast and rainy today. and cool - mid 60's maybe. this is the first week it's been like that here. Fall comes late to atlanta. Anyway, I knew that I was going to have to walk across campus, in this cool and sprinkly rain weather.


that means the sandals have to go. It's time to pull out...the socks.


I love wearing sandals in the summer. I like to be as barefoot as possible, yet still get service at McDonalds. My feet like to breathe, and my toes like to wiggle. I like sandals.

but wearing sandals today was just not going to be possible. it was time for socks and shoes, and to put the trappings of summer behind me.

The only good that's come of this is that I get to wear my NEW FUN SHOES that I bought in pittsburgh. they're Skechers and they're VERY COOL!

you may be thinking "aren't you a little old to be wearing skechers?"

well, you can go to hell.

They're very comfy. they must have been an older model, as I got them at value city for $20, and can't find a picture of them online. but they are SWEET anyway!

where was I?

So I wore my new shoes with my sky blue socks with clouds on them, and walked across campus to get my flu shot. You have to sign a paper saying that you have a real reason for getting the shot (I have asthma) and that was all. You get the shot, and and an obnoxiously patriotic red-white-and-blue band-aid. They had cookies, but they were nutter butters. Bleah! Can't have peanut butter. Facists.

So I am vaccinated and feeling slightly guilty about it, but it's too late to do anything about it now. My shoulder where I got the shot aches something awful now, which I suppose is my "punishment." hehe...oh well.