Wednesday, October 27, 2004

wednesday slacking 

Ugh. Woke up this morning early and couldn't fall back asleep. Got to work tired with a general feeling of all over ickiness. Headache, soreness...bleah. No amount of tylanol was doing anything for me. So I got what I could done today (slow day anyway, not much to do) and left work around 12:30.

I have a gazillion things I need to do before sunday, and not much time to do it! I have a stupid choir retreat friday night, so friday and half of saturday is lost to me. So headache and all, I decided to get some errands done. first stop, HAIRCUT!!!

Haven't gotten my hair cut since....august maybe? my hair is fine with no discernable body to it whatsoever, so when it starts to get long, it just looks...bleah. As evidenced by the picture below.

So because I'm a big spender, I get my hair cut at Great Clips. Good because it's cheap, bad because I don't get the same person every time. This means I have to explain my hair likes and dislikes to a new person. And new people never think the style I'm describing is going to work. The hair by my face should be long enough to just tuck behind my ears. Then layers cut into the side, and the length angled to the back, which I like short, cut to the hairline, also layered. They all give me the same response. "shorter in the back than the front? are you sure that's what you want?" Yes.

This guy did the same thing. and it wasn't until he was blow drying my hair that he commented "you know, your hair really takes to this style." duh huh.

then off to the best store in the world: target. Picked up some plates and napkins, candy, makeup to turn kevin into a zombie, a devil horns headband for me, and...heehee...a little devil costumy thing for sadie! God, I'm such a dork. but if I'm going to be a devil woman, I need my trusty devil hound by my side!!!

So now I'm home and should be cleaning and decorating. But instead I'm blogging. What is WRONG with me???

Such a slacker.