Thursday, October 07, 2004

of lab work and tooth brushing 

Yeah, I'm still here. Feeling better about myself, but still swamped at work. NK and I are doing a full scale check of all the strains we've made. She found a lead on something that may be the cause, and if it is, that means I won't have to start over from scratch. I'll only have to take one or two steps back, which would be GREAT!

So I've just been laying low and making the rounds of blogville when I get a chance. A thousand little things have popped into my head to blog about, all of which I've promptly forgot. Grrr!

Here's one I remember: I was brushing my teeth last night, and doing my usual "travel brushing," meaning that I walk around, shutting the lights off, locking up, etc, while brushing. My allergies have been acting up lately, so suddenly, I had to sneeze! In the middle of the living room! With a tootbrush and a mouthfull of foamy Arm & Hammer With Calcium for Enamel Care! Gah!

Mad dash for the bathroom, and made it just in time to


all over the sink and faucet. Gross. But better there than on the couch.

Ah, the weirdness of my daily life...