Thursday, October 14, 2004

Mindless Meanderings 

******UPDATE BELOW!!!******

I wore sandals today, defying the weather. Now my feet are cold. waaaah!

yeah yeah, cry me a river.

watched the debates last night. Same shit, new podiums. Did W answer a single question without talking about "no child left behind?" I don't think so. How in God's Holy Name are people voting for this guy?

I had a yogurt parfait (translation - layers of yogurt between layers of blueberry pie fillings, sprinkled with stale cake crumbs) and a C monster strawberry Odwalla from the nearby snack bar for lunch. Both had the effect of filling me up for about a half hour. I am STARVING, but I can't go home for a while yet. So I am ruining whatever health benifits I got from lunch by drinking a cherry coke and eating doritos from the vending machines. Yeah, I have self-control.

Found this little site from BoingBoing today. It's been added to the "amused by" links, but I thought it deserved a special mention. Also might be useful in explaining those "nocturnal emissions" to the dave.

If anyone out there knows specifically what caffeine does to DNA, I would be most interested. I'm using caffeine in a protocol to purify single stranded DNA from my preps, so I'm assuming it binds ssDNA, but can't be sure, and can't find a paper that will tell me. Bastards.

It's getting to be crunch time for my halloween costume. The one I found online is sold out at EVERY SITE I LOOKED AT! again I say, bastards. So it looks like it'll be another year of "what can I find at Goodwill?" Which is fun, too. Will try to do that this weekend :)

What's everyone else going to be this year?

*****BoingBoing just posted links to the actual recordings! Click here*****