Friday, October 22, 2004

Magically delicious! 

mmmmm...it's almost 1 am and I'm eating a bowl of lucky charms and watching Conan O'Brian. It doesn't get any better. Well, yes it does, but hey - Lucky Charms! Yum!

And I just talked to Jamie for over an hour on the phone. Yay! Bloggers are real people, and they have midwesternish-chicagoesque accents! Well, she did anyway. Kevin said we sounded like a couple of teenagers - much giggling and shrieking going on. Heehee!

So in spite of the fact that I'm in a "break expensive lab equipment" phase this week (wtf??? Don't hand me any babies), it's been a good day.

And I hear baseball has gotten exciting lately. How nice. I think I read an article about it somewhere. Certainly I wouldn't have found out from EVERY BLOG I'VE READ RECENTLY!!! Geez! Settle down, people! Focus! Election coming up. Very important...don't be blinded by baseball.

That is all.