Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Just general lab chaos and you know, whatever. 

Well, the radioactivity has been played with, the E. coli cells are soaking nicely in their little DNA bath - suck up my ligation little ones...or else you will DIE WHEN I PUT YOU ON LB+AMP PLATES!!!! BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ahem. Sorry about that. Evil Science mode kicking in there.

So I have nothing real to talk about, except how exciting it is that Dastard had been revealed. What a cutie! Except that he's making a weird face in that picture. Huh.

Anyway, I'll just ramble on for a bit...

So I mentioned before that when our kick-ass computer guy at work fixed my computer, he pimped it up with all sorts of goodies. One such goodie is Adobe Photoshop CS. (Ummmm...unless it was totally illegal for him to do that...in which case I have no idea what you're talking about. Shut up.)

Photoshop is not the most user friendly of programs, and slogging through their beginners instructions is not fun. Much of it seems to be written in "geek," which I am not proficient in. I've almost got the "Dooce effect" down, though. Hopefully I'll have some warm and fuzzy photos of...well, Sadie to post tonight. I don't have many pics of myself, so I can't make myself warm and fuzzy yet! :)

So if anyone knows of a good photoshop tutorial site, or a book I can purchase, that will be helpful!

Also thinking about taking up crocheting. Did I spell that right? Talk about jumping on the bandwagon two years too late! but I've been kicking around the idea for a while now. I may know someone at church who can teach me, but I'm not sure she has the time. My evil ulterior motive for learning is that I'd like to be able to MAKE Christmas presents to save some cash. My foray into chocolate truffle production last year got mixed revues. They were tasty, but were weird and lumpy looking. So I need a new craft - quick!

Tomorrow instead of lab meeting, we've decided to have a morale-boosting, order-in lunch, general-discussion type meeting. And we'll sit outside if it's nice. Hooray! Thai food....mmmmm....panang beeeeeeef....

Everyone in the lab has been stressed and crabby lately. The strains I made two years ago have popped up with some real problems. Nothing that we would have caught, or even thought about back then. But still serious enough to affect a lot of projects going on. No one blames me, thank God! But I have to reconstruct the root strains using different methods, and that puts me back on my projects, too. I'm feeling better that at least now we KNOW for sure what the problem is, instead of just random negative speculation. THAT was stressing me out more than anything. But other people in the lab are stressed out for various reasons, and we all just need to CHILL OUT and eat Thai food. HOORAY!

This weekend I get to make my halloween costume! If it turns out nice, I'll take a picture. If it looks like crap, I'll deny everything. Time to dust off the sewing maching!

Happy hump day! Don't forget to...umm....hump...something?