Sunday, October 24, 2004

half the battle 

Today I learned that the little "RSS" button that appears in the bottom right hand corner of Firefox on certain webpages actually serves a purpose. Who knew? When I'm reading a favorite blog, I can click on that button, and it will bookmark that site for me. But not just bookmark. Oh no. It's WAAAAAY cooler than that. When I got to my bookmarks and click on one of my favorite blogs, it will list ALL THE RECENT ENTRIES!!!! This means I can click on "margaritaville" and see hmmmm....Jamie hasn't posted anything new.



So I can skip around to only the blogs that have been updated recently, instead of clicking stalker-style down my link list over and over again, which has apparently bugged some people.

Anyway, it's a cool little feature.

Pfft! Are you STILL using Internet Explorer??? I shall turn up my nose in disdain at you. Bah!

In other news, the fabric store is closed on sundays. CURSE THEM TO AN UNIMAGINABLE DOOOOOOOOM!!!! I need more fabric for my costume. So instead of working on my costume, I am doodling around the internet and making RSS bookmarks. yay!

***update note: the irony is, the person who made FUN of me for stalking his site apparently doesn't have an RRS enabling whatever on his blog. So I can't bookmark him. HAHA! The stalking continues...