Tuesday, October 19, 2004

down at the old folks home... 

Mom called last night. She's at Grandpa's, preparing to bring him back to Pittsburgh. Apparently, she got a call from the police on Friday. Grandpa had driven his car through a neighbor's yard. They called the police out of concern, and when the police questioned him, Grandpa couldn't remember doing it.

Then there's the part where Grandpa takes naps all day, and when he wakes up, he thinks it's morning. So he gets up, puts on a pot of coffee, and starts making toast and cereal. That's not the scary part. The scary part is that he goes to take his morning medication every time, too. Mom is out of options. Grandpa's going in a home.

She's going to try to set him up in a nearby retirement community, but doesn't think that will last long, as he will probably need more care than they give. But they recommended starting out with the minimum of care, and see how he adjusts.

It's scary how much he's...disintegrated? since Grandma died. I guess it's been happening for years now, but it was easy to overlook, because the two of them together could function normally. Without Grandma, he just can't do it.

And I'm not going home for thanksgiving this year, so I won't see him until Christmas. I'm just afraid he won't last that long. Not that he's sick, he's just...fading. There's not much spirit left connecting him to this world. And while getting him out of his house is for his own good (and for the safety of his neighbors!), I wonder how the shock of a new home will affect him.

I don't want anyone else I love to get old.