Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Desperate TV-wives 

Now, this is really pissing me off right here. Why is the American Family Association protesting an show about adults, FOR adults, that's on at 9pm, when kids should be in bed anyway???

I've been watching Desperate Housewives since it premered, and now I'm hooked. I think it's the only new show I'm watching this season. And it pisses me off that there's a possibility that a fairly decent show, in a season filled with mindless reality, might be CANCELLED because some stick up their ass, "family value" promoting fucktards, who probably have everything on their cable box blacked out except the god channel and PAX, think that a show about bored housewives will DESTROY THE MORAL FABRIC OF SOCIETY!!! JUST SHUT THE HELL UP AND LET ME ENJOY ONE MEASELY SHOW THAT'S NOT BASED ON SOMEONE GETTING "VOTED OFF" SOMETHING!!!!!!

*pant gasp pant*

Yeah, I'm done now.