Saturday, October 23, 2004

beware the lumpy devil woman!!!! 

the weekend checklist is suffering badly. Not much checked off it of. Today we went to see Team America World Police, which is pretty damned funny. But a word of warning: if you think South Park is stupid, immature, and full of potty humor, you will NOT LIKE THIS MOVIE!!! If, however, you LOVE south park and have a functioning sense of humor, you will enjoy this movie.

After the movie I dropped $60 at PetCo for dog food, poopy pick up bags, and treats. Ouch! But the 40lb bag of dog food will last until May.

I got started on the halloween costume tonight. There was some panicking when I realized I no long had the instructions for my sewing machine. I don't sew very often, and I'm really terrible at it.

"then WHY are you sewing your costume, ESC???"

because I'm a glutton for punishment. Shut up.

And I wasn't sure I remembered how to set it up. I turned on the laptop to see if maybe, just maybe, the company (Euro-pro) had the manual online. And who did I get an offline message from??? Why, Blogville's resident seamstress, Aimee, of course! She wanted to know how my sewing was going. HELP MEEEEEEEE!!!! It took some furious IM'ing, some digital pictures, and two phone calls, but somehow we managed to configure the machine so that it didn't bunch up the thread every time I tried to stitch. Stoooopid bobbin!!!! So, THANKS AIMEE!!!! *SMOOCHES!*

Got as much done as I could tonight. I need to go buy some fabric to finish up tomorrow. I tried what I had on, and.....eh. Looks a little bunchy in the front. And it shows off my lumpiness nicely - WAH! I'll be a lumpy devil woman!

So EVERYONE is buzzing about the upcoming Kansas City trip. Gah! A trip! That will be expensive! And I'm SO FUCKING POOR!!!! But I REALLY want to go. And not just 'cause I want to meet everyone. But also because this little childish voice in me is saying

you know if you don't go, then from now on, everyone will be like "hey, remember that time in Kansas City? When blah blah Pup blah blah blah Kate blah blah blah a monkey???? That was hilLARious!!!!" and everyone will be all "HAHAHAHA!!! That was sooooo funny? Remember that ESC? oh yeah, YOU didn't go." and you will be sad and pathetic and everyone will hate you.

This is ridiculous, I know. I'm already sad and pathetic. But that's beside the point.

I think I may be able to swing it. Round trip flights from atlanta to KC are just under $200. And if we all share hotel rooms....and hotel rooms are cheap...and if someone can get me from the airport...I MIGHT just be able to go! Yay!


yes. definately.

Most likely.

I'll look into it.