Saturday, September 11, 2004

WTC memory 

I was probably around 13 when I went up one of the twin towers with my family. Standing next to the buildings and looking straight up, I couldn't imagine that something could be that tall - they seemed to go up forever. On a previous trip we had done the empire state building, but the WTC dwarfed King Kong's favorite NY hangout.

I remember the looooong elevator ride, thinking hat I hope the elevator didn't break down because I did NOT want to have to climb all those stairs.

The view from the top was amazing. You could see everything...and waaaay in the distance, a tiny statue of liberty. There was a railing in front of the observation windows, probably to keep people from leaning on them. I stood up on the lower railing and leaned just my head on the glass to get the best veiw down. And something was climbing up the building! AAAAAAGH!

It was a neat little machine that cleaned the windows. It looked like it ran on vertical tracks, up and down the building. cool! We spent probably around 45 minutes there, before riding the elevator down down down and on to the next tourist stop. Never imagining that 11 years later it would be gone.

We're not doing anything special today, really. Some good friends of mine that moved to Charleston are back in town, so we're all going over to another couple's place for dinner and game night. I volunteered Kevin to make his famous beer butt chicken (I'll take pics for the recipe site).

After 9/11, people said that nothing would ever be the same again, but there are still get-togethers with beer butt chicken and good wine and great friends. The terrorists failed to crush us, and I hope their souls are in a dark, hot, tortuous hell, and I hope they realize they failed and I hope that's the worst pain of all.