Monday, September 20, 2004

The wheels on the bus... 

I rode the bus in atlanta for the first time on saturday. Scary! I've ridden the train before, but buses scare me. Their routes seem random and undefined. They make stops that aren't on schedule and sometimes you have to let them know that you want this stop, but if you don't know that ahead of time, they can drive right past your stop and then you are LOST and SCREWED!!!!

I like the train. Defined stops. One direction. Very easy. West, transfer, North or South...and...you're there!

Buses represent chaos.

Saturday, I had to ride TWO buses! Oh my god!!! bus, train, train, bus, mall. So the reward was there: mall. I just had to brave it out.

The reason for this drama is that Kevin decided to work on saturday, and we thought it would be nice if I could get to this mall, which is near where he works, and then he could just meet me, we'd shop, eat, etc. How nice! But it would be stupid of me to drive, also very not environmentally friendly. So, MARTA ("it's smarta!") it is!

I managed to make it to the mall in one piece, thanks to some very nice bus drivers, and in spite of poorly labelled buses. When I met up with Kevin, I learned, to my shock, that in spite of his y chromosome status, the man is a HUGE bargain clothes buyer! This from the man who I had to beg...BEG!!! last year to buy a new pair of khakis. ("your old ones are too tight! you need a bigger size!" "no I don't! they...uh...shrunk! in the wash! I can still button them!" "fine. now breathe." "I don't need to breathe!")

Kevin bought three...THREE! pairs of shorts ($6 each), two nice shirts, and four nice t-shirts (also $6 each). He also graciously bought me a skirt, since I've bought him clothes in the past.

NOTE: guys, if your girlfriend starts buying you clothes, it is NOT because she's just trying to be nice. It is because your old clothes are ugly and/or ill fitting. Throw them away and wear the new stuff. Trust me. That is all.

The skirt is BEAUTIFUL! It's tan with Indian style brown and green stitching around the edges, with gold discs sewn into the design. And it's mid-calf length, which is a difficult length to find in non-old lady styles. I don't have anything to go with it, though. Which means...yay! more shopping in my future. I also bought a pair of jeans and a button down blouse which only gaps a little bit around my boobs. That is a problem I have with button down shirts. If they're not cut right, they will gap at my boobs. Can I get an amen from my boob blessed sisters?

We walked around Crate and Barrel, which has to be my favorite kitchen store. I can't WAIT to register!!! I was actually in PAIN! I WANT THAT! AND THAT! AND THAT!!!!

I am selfish and materialistic. But I want a pasta maker, dammit!

Kevin just rolled his eyes. He's a pretty good sport about it. "when the time is right" he keeps telling me. But I need that olive tray now!!! Bwahaha...what a brat I am!

This is why I stay away from malls most of the time. I am dangerous there!