Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The saga continues... 

So he did respond, but I won't post it here. I've decided to post all the emails on the grad forum, under the subject "should women try to have it all?" He's taken a lot of hits from the original thread, so I decided to give the topic it's own subject heading, and let him be judge by a jury of his peers.
You can see his response to my email there. Once again, he doesn't seem to mind attacking my sexual practices, twists my words around, and then falls back on his religion to support his argument. What a tool.

You can tell by his latest comments on the from the original postings that he's starting to regret he ever started this.

My goal hasn't been to change his mind. My goal is to teach him that 1. you don't post something like that on a forum unless you're prepared to defend it, and 2. you don't defend it by making personal attacks on those that disagree with you.

I'm trying to decide what to do next. Everyone's feedback would be appreciated!