Sunday, September 12, 2004

A little something to lighten the mood... 

Search terms that have led to my site recently, and my theories on them:

everybody loves outkast - I hate outkast! This person was disappointed...

my photo blog, nipples - this person was also disappointed. or this person was Jay (bwaahaha!)

lislaz - For the umpteenth time! our lovable Fleece continues to be very popular, but why they're finding my site and not hers remains a complete mystery.

bull penis putter, pure bull - Got two of these. I knew that bull penis putter entry would be trouble...

rants about tattoos gone wrong - this person has a heart tattoo with "moom" written in it

al frankin lies - this person still lives with their perents and voted for Bush (hehe...)

less sweets, lost weight - this person is president of The Association of People who Google Really Obvious Things, or APGROT

winky winky - the whole world will be singing this song....BWAAAHAHAHAHA!

but mostly rants - scary! stalker maybe?

hope everyone's having a nice weekend! the beer butt chicken was delicious, and it was so great to see my friends again. The highlight of the evening was when we were playing Cranium. There was a club cranium card (where all teams participate) that was a charades-type activity. The word was "missionary." Hilarity ensued. The other two teams were trying to be good about it, and do the more religious meaning. Not kevin. At one point he lifted both my legs up off the couch and acted it out. None of the guessers figured it out, but since none of us could breathe for laughing so hard, it didn't seem to matter.

I love that game. I love my friends. I love Kevin. :)