Thursday, September 16, 2004

It was a dark and stormy night 

Actually just windy. And the power is back on, so hooray!

I tried to leave work a little after 5, silly me. Usually not a good time to leave on a good day, the line of cars waiting to get out of the parking garage stretched up to the top (7th) floor, where I was. After not moving an inch after 30 minutes, I figured that there was no way my car was getting out of there any time soon. Time to call in the troops.

"Kevin? can you come pick me up? please????"

"I suppose"

with all the traffic and downed trees, we didn't get back until after 7.

starting to get windy and nasty out there again. I want to leave soon to go get my car!


for your entertainment:

for those of you who don't get cable, or who just can't get enough of the Daily Show, John Stewart's coverage of day 3 of the republican convention:

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