Thursday, August 05, 2004

WARNING: this post contains a description of a woman not wearing underwear. Proceed with caution 

As some of you may or may not know, I work in a genetics lab at a school in Atlanta. I'm not going to say that we're a lab full of hard core scientists, disregarding everything except our research, but we are a pretty dedicated bunch. And while we don't work with scary viruses or combustable chemicasl, we've got some pretty nasty stuff laying around: chemical mutagens, biological solvents, stuff like that. And bleach. Plenty of bleach.

For that reason, the dress code around the lab is pretty relaxed. You can only spill bleach on your pants so many times before it kicks in that maybe wearing nice clothes isn't such a good idea. We're mostly a "jeans and t-shirt" kind of lab. Plus we're mostly girls. The only guys in our lab are undergrads. There's just no reason to put on the party clothes and makeup every morning.

About a year ago we moved into a newly renovated lab space. The latest trend in laboratory design is "open." What that means is that there are no walls separating our lab from the other two labs that moved here with us. It has its advantages and disadvantages.

One of the labs here is the JCL lab. JCL himself is Italian...not Italian like me, but really from Italy. He has stocked his lab with other Italians, one Asian, and a Cuban (sounds like your choices for lunch delivery, doesn't it?). They are a super friendly bunch, and all the crap I've been doing with radioactivity lately would not have been possible without their help (and their stuff!).

Here's my problem. They...are...GORGEOUS! The italian and cuban girls especially. Oh my god, they come looking like models, hair and makeup perfectly done, and dressed super sexy. Yesterday I was asking Gypsy (the cuban) if they had something, and realized, as she bent over to check if they had what I was looking for, that she was wearing white linen pants...with no underwear! And I'm a boob-girl myself, but she had major booty. and I couldn't stop staring!

Recently they aquired a guy from Naples, who'll be here for a few months. This guy is like liquid sex. When I was introduced, I found myself blushing...BLUSHING! like a schoolgirl! (no offense, sloth!) and not being able to look him in the eye! He's got a euro-fabulous girlfriend that hangs around too, also with models looks. Also she wears sunglasses inside, which is a look few can pull off, I think. Of course, she can.

This is a lab! We're not supposed to be sexy models, strutting around with no underwear! The occasion thong, yes, but only if we're planning on torturing our boyfriends later (hehe...drives K crazy when I wear a thong... hehe).

Anyway, I guess I don't really have a good point here. It's just been very distracting. Guess I'm not earning a whole lot of sympathy here.