Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Vacation Update 3: New tires, New blender, and kennywood! 

Ack. I've been bad about responding to comments. Usually I blog throughout the day, answering comments at will. But now I only have time to log in at night.

Another exhausting day today. Went shopping with Kevin and Mom. He wanted to buy shoes (tax free in PA, miss that in GA :P) I bought shoes, sandals, and a new bl...

(GAAAAAH! Big black spider crawling next to me! GAAAAAAH! Kevin took care of it. My hero :)

where was I? A new blender, in black. We've had the worst luck with blenders, they always break pretty easily. This one is glass and metal and seems pretty heavy duty. It was $32, and just couldn't pass it up!

The on to Sam's club for new tires. I have the best mom ever - she paid.

Later, on to K-wood park! Yay!

It's hard to explain K-wood to those who have never been there, and haven't grown up in pittsburgh. K-wood is an amusement park. It's very old, and it has a nice blend of new rides and historic rides. Kevin likes it there because it's cheaper than Six Flags.

But for those of us that grew up going to K-wood for school picnics and family gatherings every year, the park holds a very deep emotional attachment.

Every year for the school picnic, you'd pick out a special K-wood outfit. It had to be comfortable and stylish, and it was a big deal. You just HAD to have the perfect K-wood outfit.
The year your parents let you walk around with your friends instead of being stuck with them was a BIG DEAL.
It was also a BIG DEAL when you were finally tall enough to ride the Thunderbolt. Ellen got to ride it a whole year before I did, even though we were the same height. Life was just NOT FAIR!

See that tree over there? Jenni used to sit there when the rest of us rode the pirate ship - it made her sick. Every time the ship swung up high so we could see her, we'd all yell "JENNI!!!" and embarass the hell out of her.

See that rock over there? In 8th grade, that's where we saw Becky's boyfriend Brian kissing Jennifer A. It was the scandal of the year.

Of course, things change. They turned the Haunted Hidaway/Old Mill ride into something called "Garfield's Nighmare," which is a cute 3D boat ride in the same building. I made Kevin kiss me for the picture that they take (so you can purchase it for the low low price of $7 after the ride) because the Old Mill was always the traditional "make out" ride and I never had anyone to make out with on it before.

I realized I can't reclaim my youth at K-wood, because about an hour after eating a cheeseburger and greasy fries, we thought it would be a good idea to ride The Volcano (formerly The Enterprise), which is a ride that goes in circles and then goes upside down. I used to LOVE that ride when I was a kid. The effect it has on me now is much different. I didn't throw up, but I came darned close. So no more fast circular rides for me for the rest of the evening!

Rode every roller coaster, though. I LOVE roller coasters! Love the Jackrabbit, with it's double hump hill which practically throws you out of the seat. Love the Racer, even though I'm ALWAYS on the losing coaster.
Love the Phantom's Revenge, SO much better than the old Steel Phantom, which shook you around so much that you left with a headache.

We watched the Fall Fantasy parade. My old high school wasn't marching today, I think they do it wednesday or thursday. But still it was fun to watch the bands. I miss marching band sometimes. Sometimes.

I bought a T shirt and some cotton candy to bring home to share with my mother.

I am very very tired. We have no real plans tomorrow, except dinner with my great aunt and uncle. I'll try to sort through those pictures then. Maybe go visit my brother's grave in the afternoon. It will be nice to have a day off on my vacation! We have to take Sadie to the boarding place tomorrow night, though, as we're leaving for Ohio on thursday pretty early on thursday. Poor Sadie. :( Wish I could disguise her as my ugly hairy child and take her with us!