Monday, August 30, 2004

Vacation update 2: obligatory family visits 

Today was a "visit the family" kind of day. Grandma Dorothy invited us over for lunch at 1. I was thinking maybe...Sandwiches? Foolish me. Spaghetti and meatballs, and a salad. For dessert? Huge homemade apple dumplings.

She gave me a huge box of old pictures to take home and look through. Seems the tight-fisted daughter of one my pappap's sisters finally released some of the thousands of pictures her mother had collected over the years. We're not even sure how she ended up with them. There were a lot of pictures of my pappap, who died when I was four. There were pictures of my parents' wedding. There were pictures of my dad and aunt when they were little. There were pictures of me as a baby, and, more disturbingly, pictures of me when I was older and had made unfortunate hair decisions.

I'm going to sort through them tomorrow and scan the ones I want. Maybe I'll post some on the picture site (which now has pictures of my trip to Tybee island last may, in case anyone is interested. the story is posted here)

Then we visited my great aunt and uncle (grandma dorothy's brother). They married later in life, and never had any kids. They've always treated my brothers and me like grandchildren. I wanted them to meet Kevin, as I knew he and my uncle would hit it off. He's an avid hunter (basement walls covered with antlers, deer heads, and one bear head...and yes, he eats what he kills, and yes, the deer population is HUGE here and doesn't seem to be affected all that much by hunters), and has quite the gun collection. They spent an hour in the basement chatting away about manly stuff, while my great aunt and I caught up.

We got home just in time to have dinner. My mom had bought ribs special, and they turned out YUMMY! I even managed to eat some, still being a little full from lunch.