Friday, August 20, 2004

jesus salt and stuff 


I am still at home, wondering if there's any real reason I should go to work today. Maybe for a little bit. Really want to see if my 3rd attempt at my transformation worked. Also, fridays we have our one on one chats with the boss lady. And if my transformation DIDN'T work, I can say I QUIT! How stupid that I can't get this thing to work???

Took good care of myself yesterday, starting out with a bowl of ice cream when i got home from work - some coffee and chocolate number from Mayfield. Kevin took me out to the Spiced Dog. Mmmmmm...corn dog!

And I tried out my Jesus salt last night.

Can I just say that I am lousy at relaxing in a tub? I just can't shut off my brain. And you have to soak in this stuff for 20 minutes, and then rinse off. So I figured after I soak, I'll shower to wash off (the salt is supposed to help your skin, but doesn't say anything about getting you clean) and shampoo and stuff. But for 20 minutes, I just had to lie there. And I can't turn my brain off. Well, I CAN, but that means I'm asleep. I have to be DOING something. Washing my hair, shaving my legs, SOMETHING! I take quick showers. Quicker than Kevin, sometimes. But...hehe...I don't do everything he does in the shower...

(NOTE TO ALL MEN: we KNOW what you do in there! that's why we run the water for a little bit before getting in, to rinse it out! BWAAHAHAHAHA!)

Anway, so I tried to take a nice, relaxing bath. Well, first I had to do a quick scrubbing out of the tub. Kevin and I are showerers, and the standard of tub cleanliness for showering is a bit lower than that of bathing. Ew! Dirty!

Then I ran the bath, added the salt, and started my soak. And thought such philosophical thoughts as...

wow. i really need to clean the grout in here again. is that MOLD???? maybe grout sealer would help?

what is that pattern on the ceiling? somebody probaby got paid money to do that with plastery stuff. I bet I could do that. how many are there...let's see.......7.....times.....11....77 star shaped plastery patterns on my ceiling.

did I add enough salt? I didn't really measure, i just scooped with my hands. it says 1 to 2 cups. that's a lot of salt. this shit's too expensive to be adding that much salt.

is the water salty? hmmmmm....sort of.

ooops...is dead sea salt poisonous? it kills everything in the sea, right? that's why it's called DEAD sea salt!

i should flip over to get even coverage. now I can blow bubbles underwater! yay!

hmmmm....was it the dead sea Jesus walked on? i can't remember! maybe the red sea? no, that was moses's gig. they were fishing, right? so it couldn't have been the dead sea. oh well, I really like the name Jesus salts. that's gonna bug me, though.

hehe...I wonder if i should post all these stupid thoughts in my blog? nah. that would be REALLY boring.

so that was my Jesus salt experience. my skin feels softer, but i don't think I had some kind of life changing experience. if it keeps the eczema away, though, I will buy STOCK in the company!

Couple of friends called to check up on me. My best friend since high school lives in southeastern PA, so she's checking to see how far a drive it would be to come to the funeral home sunday. I have the best friends! :)

Well, I should probably get out of bed (have I mentioned how much I love having wireless internet? can I mention it again?) and get dressed. Should pack, too.

Have I thanked you guys enough for being so sweet? Can I thank you again? :)