Wednesday, August 18, 2004

day in the life 

Things I really did today:

Got my oil changed and successfully avoided the dirty creepy old guy in the waiting room by pretending to read the paper.

Did a google search to find out what the name of the large hairy monster muppet was (it was "sweetums"). had discussion about the origins gonzo, and also the "crossover muppets" that did both the muppet show, and sesame street.

Lost my Coke. I was almost done with it, but I'm pretty sure I didn't throw it away. I must have wandered off with it somewhere, but the lab's not that big!!! Where's my coke, dammit! Damn lab gremlins.

Finally got my expensive bath salts I ordered off the internet (company called Vitaglow, or something stupid like that). NY recommended this brand for eczema. They're dead sea salts "imported in a pure, unprocessed extraction in natural form directly from the southern dead sea in Israel."
JESUS could have walked on my salt! Cool. That's why they're $16 ($21 with shipping), apparently.

Had a 15 minute discussion about weird body hair (other people's weird body hair! with BM.

Had one good idea about someone else's project.

Tried my transformation for the third time, with new PEG, new lithium acetate, and fresh plates. If this doesn't work, I quit.

Spoke with my mom. They're headed to the hospital tonight to get the results of the tests. They're testing to see if she has any brain activity left. She's still in a coma. I'm supposed to start looking for flights to Scranton. For a funeral.

I suppose I should add a #21 to the list of things about me: I handle grief a little weird. With humor. Not that grief is funny, it's just how I cope. Actually how my whole family copes. So if I have a weird post that starts off a little funny and ends on a sad note, please forgive me. :)