Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The birthday boy 

Today is K’s birthday. OK. It’s Kevin’s birthday. The whole K thing is getting silly. His name is Kevin. Or teddy bear. Or babe. But only I’m allowed to call him those last two.

Today is his birthday, and aside from the gifts that he WON’T be getting today (thank you VERY MUCH ups, and usps!) I’m making him a special dinner.

Cooking is how I express my love for people. It’s a bit of a selfish act, because I love trying out new recipes and tweaking old ones, and I love the satisfaction of having something come together and taste delicious. I love making people happy with the food that I make, and I love the compliments I get from my cooking (hey, I’m only human).

This love for cooking only developed in the past few years, but the seeds were planted very early in childhood. My grandmother bakes up a storm for every holiday. She gives pies and puddings and cakes as gifts. Every time she presses a pound cake into my hands before I leave her house, she is really saying “I love you.”

This also explains why my entire family is overweight.

Since Kevin and I started dating, I have expanded my cooking repertoire considerably. There are many things that are silly to cook for one, but great to cook for two. Also, he eats whatever I put in front of him with gusto, so I can experiment with different ingredients and cooking styles without fear that he’ll turn his nose up at it (I’ve dated picky eaters before. Beatdown with my cast iron grillpan!).

The result of all this is that I have ruined Kevin, culinarily speaking, for anyone else. According to him, his ex wife would only ever make two dishes: soup and sandwiches, and chicken fingers. And she would bitch about having to do it as well. So the fact that he’s now with someone who not only cooks huge and sometimes exotic meals for him, but LOVES doing it as well, has completely blown his mind. I don’t think I ever have to worry about him straying.

Also I’m pretty good in bed.


So his food tastes have changed since we started dating. I’m pretty sure that a “special” meal for him before probably would have just involved steak, or some other basic meat. Maybe with some instant mashed potatoes. Voila – special birthday dinner.

Not anymore. For his birthday, Kevin has requested cheese fondue. I make it with chedder, swiss, and beer and serve it with bread, asparagus, and apples. And for dessert…cake? No. Not cake. Crème brule.

as an aside: you CAN make easy crème brule! There is a MIX from a company called Dean Jacobs. It costs less than $3 and makes 4 servings. You probably have to go to a gourmet food store, though. All you do is add cream and milk and cook it like you would jello pudding! Then pour it into bowls or ramekins and stick in the fridge for a few hours. Swear to GOD it tastes the same as what you get in a restaurant. The mix even comes with a little package of natural sugar that you can sprinkle on top and melt under the broiler or with a torch. GUYS: impress your wives/girlfriends with this! Plus you get to play with fire!

Actually, I think he just wants crème brule so he can play with my kitchen torch. Men!

Also I’m trying a roast beef in the rotisserie. The rotisserie is his new favorite toy, and every time we’re at the grocery store he wants to buy ANOTHER chicken so we can use the rotisserie.

Me: but we JUST HAD it yesterday!!!

Him: so??? We can have it again tomorrow?

Hooray! The packages finally arrived! The tracking was wrong! Now I just have to sneak out of work a little early and head to the mall. I want to look for something for me to wear…that’s really for his enjoyment. Hehe…

There will probably be pictures, but I won’t be posting them here ;)