Friday, July 02, 2004

sweet home alabama 

K and I will be heading over to BFE Alabama tonight to spend the weekend with his family. Actually calling it BFE is pretty generous. What you do is go 30 miles past BFE, make a left, go another 20 miles, and THAT'S where we're going - outer BFE.

Anyway, won't be able to post anything until monday, when we get back (his sister and brother-in-law have a computer with an internet connection, but it's...it's...dial up! the horror!)

Should be a fun weekend. The brother in law has a four wheeler that K and I can chase Sadie through the woods in. We're staying with his mom, so chances for lovin' will be slim. However, if it stops raining for an hour (not looking likely! OK rain! we get it! we're wet now, thanks! you can stop now! we're drowing in it! *glug blug glurb*) there a nice isolated spot in the woods by a stream and a waterfall...it's where the local baptist churches (plural, there a thousand small baptist churches there) baptize people. Won't they be surprised! ;)

"look ma, nekkid people, and thar doin' it!!!"


So have a great independance day, fellow americans! And the rest of you can piss off!

(just kidding!)