Sunday, July 18, 2004

Shoe fetish 

I find that the number of compliments I get on my shoes is inversely proportional to the amount of money I spent on them. These are flip flops that I bought at payless for about $12. I got about 8 people complimenting me on them at church today, including our music director. And he's GAY, so he must know something about fashion, right?  Posted by Hello
Please ignore the fact that I have hideously ugly feet.  Feet that bear the scars of horror shoes past.  Cute little fashionable strappy shoes that tear into my feet and have me bloody and limping after an hour, walking shoes that felt so comfortable in the store but give me blisters during their first road test.  I have ridiculously sensitive feet.  So I prefer cheap and comfortable to expensive and tortuous (means I can buy more shoes, if they're cheap!).  Also, I have weird square toes and very little toenails.  Most of what you see painted red there is probably skin, masquerading as fancy red nails. 
Alright.  I'm done talking about my feet now.  Really, I had nothing else better to talk about.