Sunday, July 25, 2004

out of the closet... 

Well, it's finally happened.  K and I are officially "out." 

I was talking on the phone with my mom, discussed our upcoming trip to pittsburgh, and how the four of us (me, K, my parents) will be going to cedar point for a few days (yay!  cedar point rocks!).  When the following conversation occurred.

me: so when his boss is back from vacation, k will find out if he can get the whole week off

mom: Ok, just let me know.   so....I wanted to ask you...

my heart grows cold...
mom: is K living with you now?

oh shit

me: yes, he is

mom: oh

me: well, it was getting stupid.  he was never at his place, he was basically paying rent to store his bed, so...

mom: is he paying his way?

me: yes!  he pays me, mom.

mom: so can I send you less money now?

me: if you feel that you should, I guess.

aside note: I am a graduate student, so I can't afford to pay mortgage+ on my own, so my condo was a "joint" investment with my parents.  So they send me a chunk of money every month.  sad part: I still have no money at the end of every month.  current balence of checking account right now: $54.  current in savings: savings?  what's that?

mom: well, I was planning on coming down for a visit in october, but I won't do that now

me: why not?  it's not like we're walking around naked all the time, you can still come!

yes, I said that to my mother

mom: well, the whole point of me visiting would be to spend time with you...

me: and you can still do that with K here.  we can leave him at home on the couch - he won't care!
in fact, he'd probably be happier doing that!

mom: well, we'll talk about it later.

Surreal.  I hope she's not like this when we're married.  She's very weird about K, and has been from the beginning.  Mom and I have always been close.  Maybe she resents that he's "stealing" me from her.  From our past conversations, i've gathered that she feels that she got married too soon (right out of college) and didn't really have an opportunity to be free and independent.  But I'm 27 and have had 5 years of post-college independence! 

She wants grandchildren, but doesn't seem to want to go along with the process that will produce them.  Grrrrr!  Parents are frustrating.