Wednesday, July 07, 2004

not a bad day, really 

Not a whole lot to say today. Very little pissed me off - rare! Actually, things went well in the lab. I got my sequences back from macrogen today - yay! I have my strains to send to the P lab. Then they can deal with the horrible allele, and maybe together we can get a measly paper out of this project I've been working on for over 4 years. Also figured out why the one strain was so hard to transform - polymorphisms. Silent mutations which don't change the amino acid sequence, just the DNA sequence. Anyway, I have my strains, so I am happy. NK is not happy. She got her sequences back and half of them are crappy. very rare from macrogen, usually their sequences are immaculate. She spent most of the day in a bad mood - nothing new. But she brought in poppy seed roll from a local bakery, so I'll forgive her this time. Mmmmm...poppy seeds...hope they don't do a random drug test any time soon!

My dog is still pooped out from this weekend! she's done nothing but sleep since we got back. either that or she's traumatized from the 4 wheeler incident. hehe :)

mmmmm...salmon and veggie pizza for dinner tonight. Anyone hungry? Plenty to go around!