Friday, July 23, 2004

the inconsideration of others 

Annoying!  I was supposed to have lunch with this guy from church today.  As of this fall, I will be the chair of the evangelism and membership team (#1: presbyterians love to form teams and committees, and #2: my team is not "evangelical," we pretty much have luncheons for visitors and new members, and keep track of who comes on sundays.  Boring!).  JF, a new member to the session, will be my co chair.

So we talked last sunday, agreed to meet for lunch this week to discuss plans for the year, blah blah blah, and decided that friday would be the best day.  I said I'd email him the place, either the snack bar here or Doc Cheys (mmmm...noodles...)  He works near where I go to school, so either one would be convenient.  Well, the snack bar here is closed for rennovations (for TWO weeks now, but no rennovating seems to have taken place!  idiots).  So I emailed him and said Doc Chey's it is, how does noon sound?  Heard nothing back.  Emailed him again this morning...nothing.  I only have his email address.   He has my email, and my home/cell/work phone numbers! 

I realize that he is in a wheel chair and has trouble getting around.  But HE picked friday, and HE said Doc Cheys worked for him... and I know he has a cell phone! 

grumble grumble inconsiderate so and so grumble

so I had to order out my lunch today, which isn't so bad, I guess.  I sincerely hope he wasn't waiting over at doc cheys for me.  I almost called them to ask if a guy in a wheelchair was there waiting for someone, but I didn't. 

so that's it.  just a minor annoyance in my day.  looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend with nothing important to do.  K is taking me to IHOP tonight (we have a coupon) - yay!  ironically, I hate their pancakes, but they've got other yummy stuff.