Tuesday, July 13, 2004

"Fire!" "shut up I'm WORKING here!" 

Another "fire drill" today. Actually, don't know if it was a drill, or if something tripped the alarm. Once somebody left an autoclave door open, and that was enough.

A universal groan could be heard throughout the building, as scientists were forced to make the decision: "your research or your life." Most choose research. Everyone in my lab waited until they finished whatever they were doing before gathering purses and leaving. Firemen (and a firewoman) actually showed and went into the building, so I'm going for miscellaneous lab mishap that triggered the alarm. God help us if something ever does happen. Hundreds of lives will be lost. Those of us that leave the building don't go very far - we all hung out near the entranceway, so that the SECOND we get the all clear we can get back to our work. Didn't take too long for that to happen.

My agarose hadn't solidified in the flask when I got back, so I was happy.

Feeling a little better today. Still have the occasional intestinal WTF, so I'm holding off on eating until I get home. I'M STARVING! But eating will just make me nauseous again. Decisions decisions. Want to get out of here so I can go home and at least make oatmeal. But what I REALLY want is pizza. mmmmmmm delicious pizzzzzzzaaaaaaa.