Thursday, July 22, 2004

Drug interactions... 

Well hopefully my gamble worked.  Thank you all so much for your probe well-wishes (ooo, sounds a little dirty).  I probably won't know if it worked for another two weeks.  blah.

I finished my 3 day round of antibiotics and everything seems OK.  The last time I was on antibiotics, I asked a pharmacist when it would oK to stop using condoms (antibiotics mess with the pill, apparently).  He said right away.  Then THIS time my doctor told me, no, wait until next cycle.  Hmmmm...

I HATE condoms! :(  Oh well, K doesn't want to risk it.  And considering my recent scare, I guess I don't either. 

and again I say...blah.

So we're going to split the difference.  Next week, baby!