Saturday, July 31, 2004

Donna Reed I am not 

Am failing miserably at my attempts to clean house.

Slept in this morning, then lounged around until noon, when I made blueberry banana pancakes...mmmmmmm. There's leftovers, if you're interested.

Then after lounging around some more, and some afternoon delight ;), finally started on the kitchen, my starting location of choice. Happy to say that my kitchen is now spotless and disinfected. Unhappy to say that I stopped there. Ran to publix to pick up two prescriptions ($50! lousy @#$% student health insurance) and a "few" things like lemons and foil, but actually turned into a full on $75 shopping spree. Potato chips on sale! Italian sausage on sale! I'm dangerous in grocery stores.

K made cheesesteaks for dinner and I ate WAY too much. I've been dozing on the couch since 8, and now I'm watching food network and eating potato chips. K is playing his playstation in the other room (which is still a disaster area)

I am an absolute failure as a homemaker. I will never be able to sell this place.

I need more chips.