Friday, July 30, 2004

Condo, anyone? 

Well, after letting my blots sit for a week, they don't look any better than they did after one day. Phooey. My boss wants me to make sure my second digest is working, so I'm spending today testing my buffer, and running a fake 2D gel using lambda DNA.

I know that makes no sense.

in condo news
I got a call last week from a real estate guy who wants to help me sell my condo. Apparently he came across my listing from last year and saw that it didn't sell.

"you know these condos are like real estate anthrax right now, right?"

He seemed positive that he could help me. Must be new. See, my condo complex has been in a state of uproar the past...20 years, I guess. It's gotten worse the past few months. See, the building were not built correctly. Some of the buildings got damaged after settling. After years of trying to chase down the builder and suing him, they settled for an amount that turned out only to be able to cover a fraction of the cost to repair the damage. Since they settled, we can't go after him anymore. So we as owners swallowed the cost of the repairs. That was a $5000 assesment last year. Then, that spring, after years of drought, GA was hit with rain and more rain. That rain started to erode away the crappy foundations of the rest of the buildings. So the board immediately signed a contract with the contractors to fix the damage to building 4 (i'm in 5, nothing seems to have gone wrong...yet). So again, you guessed, we have to eat the cost. We got a letter Dec 20th that we would have to pay $76oo by the end of January. Merry Christmas!!!

Well, the place blew up like a powder keg. The board relented and let us make pay installments. As I have no money, and questionable credit, my poor parents have had to pay all the assessments. This tears me up. I really really wish I had neve bought this place.

So now the word is out that this is not the place to live. I couldn't sell last year, so I haven't relisted. Since I have at least another year here, I figured I would try to let everything settle down before I tried to sell again. And PRAY they dont' hit us up for more money.

But this guy sounds enthusiastic (must be new), so I've decided to give him a try. He wants to come over and see the place monday. Oops. The place is a MESS!!! Plus K's computer crap is all over the spare bedroom...still. This weekend will not be spent relaxing. It will be spent cleaning.

I would like to say that I will take a break from blogging, too, but I feel that it will be my only bright spot this weekend. So please, please somebody out there post something. I will! And maybe I'll have pictures!

I'll be your best friend? :)