Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Mr. Overly friendly radiation delivery guy is late.  He's usually here before noon.  It's now...1:37 and HE'S NOT HERE!
This wouldn't be such a big deal, but I have nothing else to do today unless I can make my probe.  So I'm just irritating everyone here by goofing off on the computer.
The reason I had to order yet another round 32P dCTP is because I've been getting lousy incorporation in my probes.  I have two blots to probe, and these are the good ones.  These are it.  They look good.  If these work, I am DONE with this whole crappy 2D gel buisness. 
So I can't just use any crappy probe with a measly 33% incorporation!  I used to get anywhere from 55-75%!  WTF???  So I've decided that instead of cleaning the probe with the qiagen pcr clean kit, I'm going to steal (actually, I asked first, so it's LEGAL stealing) some buffer PN from the JCL lab, which is for the qiagen nucleotide removal kit.  Hopefully, this will increase my % incorporation, and I can probe these wonderful, beautiful, FABULOUS blots!
Oh, and I'm feeling much better today.  Thanks for the well-wishing :)
Also - today has been a banner day for searches that find my blog. Search terms have included: sexerciser, eforcity mailing address, and my personal favorite: squirrels cause chaos.