Tuesday, June 29, 2004

"you'll be a dentist...and a success!" 

Is it me, or is blogger acting weird today? An occasional "www" keeps getting inserted into some blog's addresses, and blogger isn't recognizing it. Pain in the ass! Haloscan is acting sketchy, too. IS NOTHING RELIABLE ANYMORE???

K just called for my SSN. Now that he's getting health insurance (yay!) he's going to try to get me on his dental plan. That would be nice - I haven't been to a dentist since moving to ATL in 1999. Yeah yeah, gross I know. But my teeth seem to be in pretty good shape, I think :) I'll probably go to a dentist and have, like 10 cavities. I floss, I brush, I...swish with fluoride. But it never seems to help. Poor genetics, I think.

Anyone know where my post heading comes from? I'll call it the "quiz of the day? :)