Sunday, June 27, 2004

they're at it again... 

So finally got the place cleaned up and all the food made yesterday before everyone showed up. The night was a success, except for TCTF - The Couple That Fights. There was a TCTF there last night. It wasn't too obvious until they'd both had a few drinks.

It was "game night" - typical couples party fun. We started out with Cranium (very fun, esp with alcohol involved) and moved on to a game ES and hubby brought - Scene It, which is a movie based game with a DVD. Very fun, actually. TCTF had been relatively quiet, until the first game of scene it. Boys vs. girls. TCTF started making little barbed comments to each other, made worse by the fact that the boy in TCTF has no sense of humor, but it came to a head at this conversaton, when the girl was moving our team game piece:

him: aren't you overestimating how many spaces you're moving there? you were on the same space as us

her: but we moved two spaces ahead of you on our last roll

him: oh

her: do you ever stop and say to yourself "maybe I should think before I open my big mouth?"

him: ...what?

she repeats

him: silence

the rest of us: awkward silence

ES: So!!! who's turn is it? this food is really great!! somebody roll the dice!

The boy of TCTF stayed pretty quiet for the rest of the evening. I think we may have witenessed their demise. Not good for ES, she's the one who set them up last fall, and has been gloating about her matchmaking skills ever since.

But, aside from TCTF, the evening was fun. I got a pleasant buzz from a drink I made up, which I'll call a "pomertini." I had bought some of that pomegranate juice that's been pretty hyped up recently. It's a little strong, but substituted it for cranberry juice in a cosmopolitan...nice. AND good for your heart!

Also, good recipe tip, especially for the guys since it is SOOOOO easy, and your wives/girlfriends will think you are a GENIUS! Go buy a piece of pork shoulder (or pork butt, depending on what part of the country you're in), it's a pretty cheap piece of meat. Then dig out your crock pot. Everyone has one, they look like this Before you go to work in the morning, salt and pepper the meat, throw it in the crock pot, and turn it on low, and leave it all day. Come home from work, pour off all the liquid that's accumulated, shred up the pork with two forks, mix in your favorite BBQ sauce, and serve it on buns. You are now a hero to your family and friends.