Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Rant of the day 

In other news, when I went to the pharmacy this morning to get a refill of a rather critical and time sensitive prescription, their computer was down. Don't they know that I ALWAYS wait until the last second, and that I'm relying on them to fill my presciption! No matter what!!!

Aren't computers supposed to make our lives easier???? Oh, wait...I've ranted about that before...

So I went to work without it, and K is supposed to pick it up on his way home from work, since I have choir practice tonight.

Also, the pharmacist was a SUBSTITUTE! So I actually had to give her my name and birthdate, etc. Traumatic! Where's the regular pharmacist? The one who knows me? When all I have to say is "the nasonex and the generic allesse" and come back after 15 minutes and it's all ready for me.

Then again, I worry about one person knowing that much about me. Ever wonder what kind of power pharmacists have? They pretty much know your medical history, yet don't seem to be bound by any doctor/patient confidentiality. Scary.