Friday, June 25, 2004

Name dropper 

I feel like such a name dropper with the number of blog link I have on the side column! I've tried to link everyone who either regularly make comments on my blog, or, in the case of flyerman, who have put a link to mine on their. (way to go flyerman, according to blogpatrol, your blog is in the lead for most number of hits to my page. blogpatrol is so informative! not that it's a contest, or anything) My apologies if I've missed anyone!

still frantically cleaning my place in preparation for get-together tomorrow night. Like I mentioned before, I love being the hostess. But the real reason I invite people over is to force me to clean my place really well, at least once every couple months. I am not a neat person by nature. Neither is K. Together, we are a disaster. I cleaned the bathroom yesterday. I will wake up screaming in horror for nights to come at the memory of what I saw in there. *shudder*

And in my nice clean bathroom today, I decided to give sadie a bath. She is part lab, and while I know labs continually shed all year, she has been in a major molt for months now. Way beyond her usual spring shed. I cleaned enough hair out of the drain screen to make several more mammals. Yet she never goes bald. Strange.

Well, it's bedtime. K just went in to lay down, making sure to announce it to me. Hehehe. We've got work to do! :)