Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I hate... 

I hate today. I hate working with radiation. I hate working in that tiny room, where I have to work in a tiny hood, and maneuver around plexiglass shields. I hate that no matter how careful I am, I get everything hot, including myself. I hate that after all that work I got terrible incorporation. I hate that stupid mini-fuge, that's not even ours, that's lid got stuck and wouldn't get me back my lousy terrible incorporated probe, until I picked the damned thing up and dropped it on the bench, hard.

I hate that I itch, all over, because my exzema is going crazy for some reason, and I have to wear long pants in this heat because my legs look like I have the plague.

I hate that I didn't have time to eat lunch today, and my blood sugar is -500 right now.

I hate that today is RM's last day, and she's the only normal person that works here that I can talk to.

I hate today.