Sunday, June 20, 2004

happy father's day! 

On my own today. K has to work one day every weekend this month, since it's the end of the quarter. I should spend the day straightening up. We've got a little get together next saturday, with two other couples coming over for "game night" (basically, just an excuse to eat and drink too much, and attempt to play "cranium" and make fun of other peoples drunken humming ability)

Happy father's day to all the dads that wander past this site. Thinking about picking K up a card "from the dog," but he'd probably fail to see the humor in that. I need to call my dad this afternoon. Hopefully, he got his gift (a certificate for a flying lesson!) on time. I'm notoriously bad for getting presents and cards out late, so most of my friends and family are pretty used to getting them the day after.

Well, gonna be late for church. It our 121st anniversary, so there're having some big shindig, with a potluck (I didn't make anything...oops! Maybe I'll pick up some chicken at publix, if I need to).