Saturday, June 19, 2004

French bread 

Girls night out was tonight. EA...I mean ES (married now!) finally told everyone she's pregnant. Finally - I hate keeping secrets like that - when it's good news, but you're not allowed to tell anyone.

Our waiter tonight was over the top friendly. It was a french restaurant, but he was from a more Mediterranean country, I think.

"to say that it has been a pleasure to serve you ladies, it would be an understatement."

Trolling for tips, ya think? Oh, well, I left him a nice tip anyway.

Broke down and had the veal picatta. I haven't had veal, for moral reasons, in...well, I can't remember the last time. but it looked so good, and tasted so good...I know, those poor baby cows. But they're delicious! Especially in a butter-caper sauce. With a good pinot grigio. Capped off with creme brule. mmmmmm...

One of the girls thought that since they're menu changes every so ofen, maybe they wouldn't have creme brule on the menu. I assured her that any french restaurant that DIDN'T have it on the menu, immediately lost their "snooty french restaurant" liscence. Of course they had it on the menu. Also, the waiter the waiter told us that the bread was "authentic french bread." Yeah, sir, just like you can buy down the street at publix. I din't say it, though, because I like crusty french bread and wanted to keep the supply coming!

Nice night out. But very tired now.