Saturday, June 12, 2004

Can I get an "Amen?" 

Let us sing the praises of air conditioning. In Pgh, we had air conditioning, but we used it sparingly, only for those hot days of late july and august. Most of the time the numerous oak trees that surrounded the house provided us with shade and coolness from the relatively mild yankee summer.

Not so here in the "saath" (proper pronunciation). Air conditioning is not a luxury. It is a NECESSITY!

Don't get me wrong, I hold off for as long as possible. I love having the windows open, especially at night, feeling the summer breezes on bare skin...

But there comes a time when the hot, sticky Atlanta summer takes full effect. When the humidity is close to 100% and the temperature is in the 90's during the day, and not a whole lot cooler at night. And you can feel the heat and moisture in your lungs.

Cuddling is severely impaired by this heat. It's just too sticky. I love cuddling, so when it gets too sticky, I throw in the towel. It's time.

Also, a good indication that it's time to crank up the ole's AC is, being a homeowner, when it breaks. Never fails. It works fine for those occasional too hot days of late spring and early summer. But when the 7 day forecast predicts 7 days of 90 degrees, and I reach over to the thermostat to click it on "cool"...nothin'.

The AC broke on thursday. K announced it as soon as I walked in the door. "I'll call the repair guys" I said. "no, let me take a look at it." "have you ever fixed an air conditioner before?" "no, but I'll figure it out."

K is a handy guy. It took him two days, but he figured it out. It wasn't the ac, it was some corroded wires that gave power to the ac.

Best. Boyfriend. Ever! He fixes computers, cars, and (now)air conditioners

AHHHHHHHH...so cool....