Thursday, June 24, 2004

Be our guest 

Yeah, I'm just not feeling very creative today, so that's why I'm just posting links to other interesting sites.

After working all day, I am not looking forward to going home and cleaning. Some friends are coming over on saturday, and the condo is a MESS! Especially the bathroom. Usually I make guest use the spare room bathroom, which is usually clean, since I don't use it much. But since K's moved in, all his computer crap...I mean useful and interesting stuff...is piled up in there. So cleaning my own bathroom it is. Am looking forward to using my favorite little cleaning device again, though!

I like hosting parties and get togethers...I just wish someone else would do the cleaning! Plus K will try to distract me with sex and kisses...he hates cleaning even more than I do, the bugger. Mmmmmmm...may give in, though.

"welcome guests. please excuse the mess - I didn't clean, but boy am I tired!"